Social Media Marketing Strategy


Social media is a great tool for businesses. It is important to know which sites to be on and how to use them. With the 3 month Social Media Booster Package from Empire Designs, we will help get you registered on the right accounts (up to 5) and develop 4 unique posts per month for each account. With your knowledge of your business and consumer we will develop engaging content that will make consumers want to hear more from you.

It is important to remember that social media is a 2 way street. When users ask a question or even if they have a concern, you must communicate back to them. You can utilize positive feedback to your advantage and correct any negative comment and turn it into a positive.

We will build your social media marketing strategy and teach you how to interact with users and how to build a calendar of unique content. Training for you or a staff member to properly maintain your social accounts will allow you to seamlessly implement your social media strategy after 3 months.

Get social with the Social Media Booster Package.

Social Media Features

  • Build presence on up to 5 Sites, for example: Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Twitter and a blog
  • 4 unique postings (keyword optimized to drive traffic) per month/social media site
  • Repost on each site 4 times per week to ensure maximum views
  • Social media calendar template
  • Training session to transition social media relations to a designated employee

With website design tailored to your industry and your target audience, Empire Designs focuses on creating content that will attract new consumers. We will work with you to develop the look & feel, the content and the functionality to bring you the most reach and the most professional looking site. Whether you are new to building a web presence for your business or not, Empire Designs makes it easy for you to get online and get noticed.

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Boost your storefront sales with an e-commerce site. Not only is an e-store a great way to drive online sales of an individual product, but a great way to up-sell and drive traffic to your store. An e-store will broaden your reach on the internet, allowing consumers to find you by product or service, even if they don’t know your company yet by name. Get started on an e-store with Empire Designs today.

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