Jamie Wilson

Jamie Wilson

Drawing Classes NYC

Drawing Classes in NYC offers instructed drawing classes and un-instructed drawing sessions to choose from. They also have art drawing and painting workshops hosted by various art teachers. You choose from 3 different classes so you can decide what type of drawing class works best for you! Uninstructed Figure Drawing

I thought I would share a small piece of code for anyone looking for an easy side website navigation menu for your websites. WHO IS THIS FOR? This article is more for the beginner that uses WordPress or any other site builder platform. I started building sites in straight HTML,

Subscribers not showing up in my MailChimp List - Empire Designs

Are some email subscribers not showing up in your or your clients' MailChimp List? I just had an issue where all domain name emails were working fine, but for some reason, Gmail and Yahoo emails were not receiving the confirmation emails from MailChimp after they had filled out the newsletter