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Best Free Marketing Tools

Finding money for marketing can be difficult but if you don’t engage in any marketing, you could lose out on many opportunities for sales, awareness, and branding. Not all marketing has to be paid for, I have compiled the best free marketing tools available to all businesses. While they may be free from a cash perspective, they will take time and strategy. So, like anything in life, these tools will require effort.


It is relatively easy to create videos these days. Apps that are designed to make our mobile phone and tablets into high-quality video cameras and editors are easy to find and can make videos look professional enough for brands. Posting these videos to YouTube with good SEO give your brand a couple of great marketing advantages.

1) YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. If you can curate highly sought after content on YouTube, people will find your brand.

2) YouTube offers your brand a chance to interact with your customers in an engaging medium. Creating video sound bytes that are relevant to your customers will help them to understand what your brand is about and to receive added value. This added value can help close a sale or keep your customers loyal through to their next purchase.


SEMrush is a tool that helps you to understand your competition and how you fare against them in display advertising, search (both paid and organic), and link building. SEMrush can show you how to generate more leads and the best places to allocate your budget. It is a free tool, although you can unlock more information if you have a paid subscription.

Google Analytics

If you aren’t already utilizing Google Analytics, you should be. Google Analytics offers you an important snapshot into what is happening with your company website. How many people are coming to each page? How long are they staying on each page? What is your bounce rate? These basics will help you to understand where you are getting your traffic from and if your website is engaging and/or converting users. You can take these analytics and make changes to your website to make sure it is performing up to your expectations.

Social Media

Social Media is a pretty obvious one. It is free and there are a lot of potential customers using these platforms multiple times a day. You can choose to advertise, but that does cost money. For free marketing on social media, you want to create content. Just like your YouTube strategy, you want to make the content engaging to customers and it should add value. It can simply be that it is entertaining or you can provide tips and useful information. It is important to note that not all social media is going to be ideal for your business. Make sure you know your target and that you dedicate time to social media platforms that your target audience uses.


If you are going to use social media and you are going to post on more than one platform, you might want to look at Hootsuite. Hootsuite lets you manage multiple social media accounts by scheduling the deployment of content across platforms. The beauty of this is that you can pick specific times to manage all your content at once vs. going into each account daily to post content. The free version allows you to manage 3 different social media accounts. If you want to post on more platforms, you can, you just need to pay a fee.


MailChimp is an easy way to interact with customers. With MailChimp, you create a free account and then create a sign-up form to implement on your website. Users sign-up to receive communication from you and it is here that you can develop on a portion of your customer relationship management (CRM) plan. It is often a good idea to incentivize users in some way to sign-up. This doesn’t have to be something that costs you money. It could be a white paper or other types of information/knowledge. Or, you can spend a bit of money and offer a percentage off your product/service or even a small gift. You automate your MailChimp and send out specified communications or you can create custom emails and newsletters to send out at the frequency you deem best for your customers. Some of our clients do both, for example, one client offers free tips as an incentive to sign-up. These tips are sent out daily for the first 10 days and then every month a newsletter is sent out to her list.


Canva us a free tool that can help you beef up your social content and banner ads. It is extremely user-friendly and does not require training in graphic design. There are many free templates and even the templates that cost money are inexpensive (often $1 per template). It is an affordable option to make a dull social media post visual which is significantly more likely to attract your user.

Do you have any other tools that should be added to the best free marketing tools list? Let us know what you has worked best for you.

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