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Hands holding a Quotation Bubble with the Word Campaign

You may be using social media for your business, but have you ever tried to run a social media campaign? You don’t necessarily need to be a big business with lots of followers to run a successful campaign, but there are some key elements to consider or plan for if

Snapchat Website Preview

Snapchat App It is shocking to me that the Snapchat app has been around since 2011. To me, it still seems like a buzzed about app that just recently started gathering steam. According to Snapchat, there are over 100 million daily active users and about 9 thousand snaps shared each

The Words Content Marketing Written on Paper

If you have ever wondered what is content marketing, then you have come to the right place! Here we talk about what it is, what makes good content, what makes bad content, and how you can use content marketing as an effective tool in your marketing arsenal. What is Content

Screenshot of the Facebook Moments App

What is Moments for Facebook? Moments is an app designed to help people better share their photos (privately) to a group for events big or small. Facebook launched Moments in the US in June of 2015 and has since been rolling out the app to other countries. The example that

What Is Influencer Marketing Empire Designs Blog

Influencer marketing is a bit of a buzz word these days, but what is influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is when a company or brand focuses on individuals that are able to sway their target market vs. the brand communicating directly with their target market. These influencers could be buyers and

Social Media Marketing Strategy Empire Designs Blog

With the Social Media Booster Package, Empire Designs will develop your social media marketing strategy. Once the strategy is built, we will get your social media accounts running, develop a calendar of postings based on your business and what is happening locally. We will run your accounts for 3 months,