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Facebook Jobs

Facebook Jobs has recently launched as a Facebook feature for companies to post jobs and accept applications. Facebook Jobs is an exciting development and should be interesting to see if and how this affects LinkedIn and how people utilise the site. Facebook Jobs Employers: Facebook sees over 1 billion people

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So you are looking for a website redesign? Makes sense, a lot of companies are realizing that their site that is a few years old is no longer current. A lot has changed when it comes to the user experience so a new site can really help your business stand

Collage of Website Builders

The top website builders are page builders that help make creating your WordPress website easier. If you don’t choose the right one, you could be making your next project more difficult than it needs to be. So, how do you decide which page builder to use? WordPress Page Builders For

Mobile Accessibility Empire Designs Blog

We have heard about website accessibility, but what about mobile accessibility? Mobile accessibility is when websites and apps provide content that is able to be consumed whether or not a user has a disability. The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) categorizes the mobile landscape as phones, tablets, Smart TVs, and other

What is Website Accessibility Empire Designs Blog

What is website accessibility? When you examine your current website, do you know if it meets website accessibility guidelines?  Can everyone who has access to the Internet use your site and gain access to the information you have posted? Can users who have a print disability for example a blind

2016 Website Design Trends Empire Designs Blog

As 2015 comes to a close, multiple forms of countdowns and insights into the new year’s trends start to emerge. Lists of top website designs for the new year are everywhere, but here’s what you really need to know. Website trends for 2016 centre around engagement. Is your site effectively

Web Design and Small Business Empire Designs Blog

Web design and small business go together hand in hand. A website says a lot about your business. If you have a professional looking site, potential clients are likely to believe that you are a professional, reliable, and trustworthy business. A less well put together site is likely to have

What is Hosting on a Website Empire Designs Blog

What is Hosting on a Website? Why does your site need hosting? You may think that because you have purchased a domain name, your site can be seen when you type in your web domain name, but you require your site to be hosted. Think of your website like a