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Facebook Jobs

Facebook Jobs has recently launched as a Facebook feature for companies to post jobs and accept applications. Facebook Jobs is an exciting development and should be interesting to see if and how this affects LinkedIn and how people utilise the site.

Facebook Jobs
Employers: Facebook sees over 1 billion people globally visit pages each month (as per Facebook). Companies already have active Facebook pages, so there is little a company needs to do get people to understand what the company is about and to set-up a posting. Facebook continues to excel in their targeting, so companies will be able to pay to target their ideal candidates. And, they can review and respond to applicants through messenger. I am not sure if reviewing and replying to applicants through messenger will be a good thing or bad thing. As an applicant, I might feel like I am not getting the HR department’s full attention. I guess we will see.

Applicants: Visitors can easily check out the company’s activity over the years and can likely get a better sense of what the company stands for and their culture.

Facebook Vs. LinkedIn
LinkedIn has an active user base of 106 million and tends to showcase the corporate side of companies, not how the company engages with customers and employees. Most LinkedIn members already have their full resume loaded to the site, so there is an ease of use factor here. Plus, how will Facebook help its members to separate their personal life and information from prospective employers?

It will be interesting to see if prospective employees prefer one site over the other…I assume for now they will utilise both sites in their job searches, just as employers will post jobs to both platforms.
Now that Facebook Jobs has been out for a little while, I would love to hear from an applicant and an employer perspective what they think of the service. Have you tried it? Let me know what you think!

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