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How Effective is Email Marketing?

Cultivating an email database and marketing to them is nothing new. But how effective is email marketing? With Facebook and Twitter and other social media sights, some may believe that the email marketing era is dead, but that is far from the truth.

Email marketing continues to remain the more effective tool, even compared to Facebook and Twitter in 2 key success metrics.

First, did a user even see the communication? According to a study by Silverpop emails are viewed by users 2 x 3 times more than its social media counterparts.

But Why are Email Newsletters Effective?

They are way for your business to speak to your consumers and potential consumers one-on-one. You have their individual attention and can speak to them in your brand’s tone and develop a relationship them.

Email marketing reviews show that they are one of your highest return on investment digital marketing tools.

The Direct Marketing Association found that email marketing has a ROI of 4300%.


Just as important, or maybe even more so as delivering the communication to your consumer, is whether or not the consumer that saw your communication interacted with it. This could be clicking on the email to view more content, someone sharing content or re-tweeting.

Email marketing statistics show that email outranks social media 50 – 100 times more when it comes to engagement.

According to a study by Radicati, there are 3 times more email accounts than if you put Twitter and Facebooks numbers together. But, more importantly, when they looked at reach and engagement, email marketing significantly outranks their social media counterparts.

One of the key reasons why emails have a higher reach and engagement is that when you post on social media, it doesn’t mean that all of your followers will see your post. Facebook continues to restrict each year the number of organic posts that your brand’s fans can see. It seems like they are heading towards larger brands having to pay to have their messaging seen. Currently a study from social@oglivy shows that only 6% of fans will see a brand’s message.

But if you look at the open rates of emails, according to Mail Chimp, depending on the industry, the open rates are from 17 – 28% (an overall average of 22%). So, there are about 4 times more people that will see your email message, than your Facebook message (if delivered to the same amount of people).

Just because an email is delivered, doesn’t mean they will open it and read it. The key here to getting a consumer to open the email is making sure the content is timely and relative to the consumer. You know your business and you know your customer. Just a little bit of tailoring your content to suit your target audience will go a long way.The other key reason why email is effective is that you are more likely to be one of a few emails a user sees vs. one of a thousand posts from Facebook.

As a local business it is great to involve community goings on when your business is related.

The last thing to be sure to include is a call-to-action. Do you have a sale going on? New product? Ask your consumer to “learn more” and click through to your website. This is a great opportunity to show off a professional site that can help upsell the consumer to more than the item they were originally intrigued by.

Email marketing is not meant to be done alone, so we are not suggesting that you only deploy email marketing tools. Use email marketing as your base digital marketing efforts and expand with social marketing. Link your social media to your website and let content from your email marketing be able to be shared and liked within social sites. This helps to provide a more integrated digital and social media strategy.

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