Web Design and Small Business Empire Designs Blog

Web design and small business go together hand in hand. A website says a lot about your business. If you have a professional looking site, potential clients are likely to believe that you are a professional, reliable, and trustworthy business. A less well put together site is likely to have

Social Media Marketing Strategy Empire Designs Blog

With the Social Media Booster Package, Empire Designs will develop your social media marketing strategy. Once the strategy is built, we will get your social media accounts running, develop a calendar of postings based on your business and what is happening locally. We will run your accounts for 3 months,

What is Hosting on a Website Empire Designs Blog

What is Hosting on a Website? Why does your site need hosting? You may think that because you have purchased a domain name, your site can be seen when you type in your web domain name, but you require your site to be hosted. Think of your website like a

How to Start an Online Store Empire Designs Blog

Start an online store to open up your business to a whole new market. The world is now a digital place and the potential for growing your sales with an online store (or e-store) is virtually endless. Whether you have an existing business or you are starting new, you can