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Top Website Builders

The top website builders are page builders that help make creating your WordPress website easier. If you don’t choose the right one, you could be making your next project more difficult than it needs to be. So, how do you decide which page builder to use?

WordPress Page Builders

For people that don’t have a ton of experience building a website, you should try drag and drop page builders. These are also good options if you have clients that want to manage their own sites but need an easy solution. These drag and drop website page builders are visual in nature and require very little coding knowledge.

While I haven’t tried all of them, there are many reviews available to help you choose the right builder depending on your needs. Here is a summary of what I have found.

Drag and Drop Page Website Builder
Drag and Drop Website Builder Comparison

Drag and Drop Website Builder Comparison


Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is an extremely easy live editor to use and has most features that you could want to build your site. It is also the most expensive. Beaver Builder is consistently rated in the number 1 or 2 spot for most reviewers.

Divi Page Builder

The Divi Page Builder has traditionally been a back end builder only, but with the release of V 3.0, Divi will be adding a front end visual editor. Divi is from Elegant Themes and has a wide variety of features that helps you to build any type of design with ease and has excellent product support. The price is reasonable and comes with multiple theme options. Overall the Divi Page Builder is a solid choice.


You can’t beat the price of free. SiteOrigin is a solid live editor page builder that uses widgets to drag and drop into your layout. SiteOrigin has a history tab that makes it easy to undo and redo, so you can test and try out options easily.


VelocityPage is built by a lead WordPress developer, so you know that it will integrate well into whichever WordPress theme you choose. It is a bit pricey and experts note that the features are a little bit light given the price. VelocityPage is new, so it is likely to improve with customer feedback.

Themify Builder

The Themify builder is an average builder. While the cost isn’t that great, there are easier, faster, and better designs with other builders.

Visual Composer

Visual Composer is an inexpensive page builder with great ratings and is one of the top downloaded drag and drop plugins. Visual Composer has many custom elements that give users the freedom to create the website they really want to create.

MotoPress Content Editor

MotoPress has a yearly fee which is not ideal and can be more expensive than what you are looking to spend. It does have both front end and back end editing, but overall there are better plug-ins out there.

Live Composer

Live Composer is very easy to use but does not have a back-end which more seasoned professionals might prefer to have the option to use. As a free page builder, Live Composer is a great option.

Aqua Page Builder

Aqua Page Builder is free, but there have been a number of complaints about the lack of customer support and issues with compatibility with newer WordPress versions. This looks like a page builder to stay away from.

These are some of the top website builders. Did we miss any? Do you have your own review of a page builder you either liked or disliked? We would love to hear your experience.

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