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As 2015 comes to a close, multiple forms of countdowns and insights into the new year’s trends start to emerge. Lists of top website designs for the new year are everywhere, but here’s what you really need to know.

Website trends for 2016 centre around engagement. Is your site effectively engaging your consumer? If you don’t have some type of lead generation, you are losing out on major opportunities to connect your business to your target audience.

Engagement comes in many forms.


Engaging content is not just having the right copy. The right copy is an important tool that sets off your brand’s tone, so don’t ignore it, but there is more to content than writing.

Homepage videos are vastly becoming the new norm. Whether they are animated or live, research shows that a video on your homepage can help drive sales. While each case may be different, internetretailer.com shows a case where video helped to increase conversion for Stacks and Stacks by 144%. It should be no surprise in this day and age that people want to consume information quickly and with little effort. The right video will do that.

Micro-interactions are another trend that is expected to increase in 2016. A micro-interaction is when you prompt a user to interact with the site. It is important to ensure that each micro-interaction you build into the site is useful, so as not to annoy and lose the visitor. Clicker here for more information on types of micro-interactions.


If a visitor comes to your page and you don’t have any way of reaching back out to them, you are missing out on low hanging fruit. These visitors have already come to your site, so they, at least, have some interest in your products or services.

Create a pop-up when the visitor enters your site to sign-up for a monthly newsletter or to follow you on social media.

The most effective companies will offer some type of incentive. Do you have a promotion or discount you can offer like free shipping on the first order? Perhaps you have a checklist or a whitepaper you can offer? Offering an incentive will help increase the perceived value of providing personal information.

And, while we are on the subject of providing personal information, only ask for the bare minimum. When you ask for 3 pieces of information or less, you can increase your conversion rate by 50%.


Gone are the days of sensory overload. A clean, well-designed blog, that can clearly direct visitors to the messages and content you want them to see, is the most effective.

2016 web design trends will continue to include scrolling pages. Not only does the long scroll help to minimize the amounts of clicks you expect a visitor to make to access information, but it has become the norms now that mobile devices are so prevalently utilized to shop, browse and compare. The ubiquity of mobile device usage also means that responsive website design will continue to be a must have.

Top website designs will also include card visuals. While this is not necessarily new, it is a trend that will continue. Cards are a nice visual way to direct your visitors to where they want to go with little copy required to read. This helps to keep our every shortening attention spans in check and visitors on your site.

Google Material Design was launched last year and is set to become more mainstream. Material Design creates effects, the look as if objects are moving and depth while still maintain a fresh and minimal look. Material Designs is actually quite similar to flat design, which is also another growing website trend for 2016; however, Material Design does have a more realistic appearance due to the use of depth, shadow and movement.

In 2016, it will all boil down to the user experience and visitor engagement. If you can get the user interested and to the information they want quickly and painlessly, you’ll have a site worth visiting again and again.

Have you heard of any additional interesting trends? We’d love to hear what you think!

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