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What is Content Marketing?

If you have ever wondered what is content marketing, then you have come to the right place! Here we talk about what it is, what makes good content, what makes bad content, and how you can use content marketing as an effective tool in your marketing arsenal.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is one pillar of an overall marketing strategy that focuses on developing engaging content that you create with your target market in mind. The content you create should be easy to share and shared on platforms where your audience is already active. Content marketing can be in the form of a blog, YouTube channel, video series, podcasts, quotes of the day, etc.

Content marketing is not something you think to do once and then forget about. Successful companies create lots of content, valuable content and share it often. The key is for the content to be useful, entertaining, educational, and/or engaging. That way your target consumer will naturally want to interact with the content and therefore your brand.

The content you create does not need to be directly about your brand. In fact, it is often best for content to be about something that makes sense for your brand but is not actually about the brand itself. Why is that? Well, as much as we would like to think our brand is fascinating, it may not be. Also, we are all relatively self-involved…so creating content about people and things they are interested is likely to be more engaging.

Good Content Marketing

A great example of good content marketing is the company BuzzFeed. There are multiple videos and stories released daily that are entertaining to millennials (their target market) in short, snappy soundbites. Sure, BuzzFeed is a news site, so there post plenty of articles, but they go out of their way to create their own content and post through their own blog and many social media channels. These videos then pull their audience back to their own website to view more content.

YouTube is filled with good content marketing examples. Any YouTube star consistently creates content that their audience wants to see, hear, or learn.

If the content you create is racking up views, likes, shares, etc. then you are likely on the right track. But these measures alone do not necessarily help your brand. The content should still link back or connect to your brand. Ideally, the content should drive people through the funnel of your choosing whether it be to your website, to more content, or to purchase.

Bad Content Marketing

Bad content marketing happens when you are too focused on your brand or yourself and not enough about what other people might be interested in. If you are too focused on the product and not about how the product makes your consumer feels or the benefit they receive. If your brand, for example, makes small kitchen appliances like a blender, it would be a bad idea to create a series of content strictly on the parts required to make a blender. A series of blender recipes, on the other hand, could be useful to your target audience.

While blender recipes could be a better concept for your content marketing strategy, one major mistake marketers make is not differentiating their content. Recipes are not a new content offering, so ensuring that your content is different is key. You can differentiate by the look of the content, the host of a video, or the idea behind it (blender recipes that will help you lose weight vs. just blender recipes).

Have you seen any really good content marketing, or (maybe even better) really bad content marketing? We would love to hear examples of the best and worst you have seen recently!

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